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Password for Access "" Without quotation mark. You can post directly and scheduled all the articles, videos, pictures and links to the multi group, facebook fan page and profile in just one click ... please you to enjoy everything ... Free Forever

Auto post facebook, group, page, profile
e.g. tablet, blackberry, samsung galaxy, internet marketing.
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Access key is required when you select "Make unique".
Auto post facebook, group, page, profile

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Blogger allows you to create & send blog posts via email, this feature is called Mail-to-Blogger. Once you have activated the feature, every email you send to this email address will be posted as blog post. This is a great feature as you can use it to to create blog posts without need to write any post manually.

You can activate this feature by visiting your Blogger dashboard, and then find Setting >> Mobile & Email menu. Create Mail-to-Blogger address for your blog, the format of this address is (NOT And then set it to "Publish email immediately".

We can even use post-by-email feature to create auto post blogger: create blog posts in just a few clicks -without writing a word at all! And if it something you need, then FREE Blogger Poster is a tool you need. Just set your keyword, the tool will automatically send content to your blog! Add to your gmail contact since all contents will be sent from this email address. In addition, you can even activate rewriting feature to rewrite the content before it is sent to your blog. This feature will rewrite the content on the fly and make them unique and better for SEO.

Free Trial for 3 Days and you can Subscribe the key now for 5$ per Month only! You can stop the subscription anytime. Once we received the payment, we will send the access key to your PayPal email within few hours. Be sure to add[at] to your email contact.

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